Human Resources

Making the most of people's skills and talents through training and personal development means success for any organisation. By making audio recordings of occasions where colleagues receive appraisal, training, guidance and support and then providing transcripts, you are creating accessible hard-copy resources which can help with reflection and then application of what is learned and shared. Such records can also form a basis for materials you may wish to devise for wider training purposes when designing and developing programmes for the future.

Things however don’t always go smoothly. In any organisation, problems crop up, grievances can occur, and staff may not be engaging effectively with the goals set out in organisational or institutional plans. Fairness is imperative in such situations for all parties involved. Recording such meetings and providing transcripts of what was said means bias is avoided and veracity obtained and such documents can support outcomes and solutions people later agree upon.

Confidentiality is paramount in such situations. Sound Words operates with this at the heart of all work undertaken. However, this statement summarises and emphasises the focus placed upon it and provides an outline of how information is received, stored and transferred.